StreetBond® is the go-to product when you want to reproduce the look and feel of brick, slate, stone or other design elements on an asphalt base. The StreetBond® coating system also provides the added benefit of strengthening the asphalt base and lengthening the life of the asphalt beyond its normal range.

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StreetBond® Installation Process

Whether you’re installing StreetBond® in a retail mall or a new construction environment, this product is a low-cost decorative asphalt texturing system with unlimited colors and customization capabilities. It has been designed for light-to-moderate vehicular traffic and pedestrian areas.

Street Bond 150 1

Step One
The asphalt base is warmed using a patented pavement heating system. The system is designed to ensure that the pavement is not damaged by burning or scorching. A wire template is pressed into the warm asphalt to create the pattern.

Street Bond 150 2

Step Two
The StreetBondTM coatings are applied using our spray technique. The heavy-duty coating process includes two layers of the base coat (Cem-base) and two layers of SP150, an acrylic modified epoxy coating.

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