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Pavement Impressions Inc.

Pavement Impressions, Inc. first developed as part of Kuhns & Anthony Paving Company, which originated in the late 1940’s by Robert Kuhns and Walter Anthony. Asphalt paving has been in the roots of this company for over 70 years, and we continue to pave our way to success to this day.

Our mission is to provide exceptional work and service from the initial contract to the finished product. Whether you’re a homeowner, general contractor, developer or investor, we’re proud to serve you.

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Benefits of Pavement Impressions

Reproduce the look and feel of brick, slate, stone or other elements on asphalt.

Provide highly visible crosswalks, intersections and handicap zones.

Apply logos and graphics to pedestrian spaces and other areas.

Improve the safety of biking areas and lengthen the life of bike paths.

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Learn how Pavement Impressions Inc. helps create a customized appearance with the look and feel of traditional paving or hardscaping methods.

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