TrafficPatternsXD® is designed to provide an authentic brick or stone pattern with increased performance and durability for high traffic applications and areas such as crosswalks, commercial building entrances and parking lots.

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TrafficPatternsXD® Installation Process

Traffic Patterns XD 1

Step One
The asphalt base is warmed using a patented pavement heating system. The system is designed to ensure that the pavement is not damaged by burning or scorching.

Traffic Patterns XD 2

Step Two
A wire template is pressed into the warm asphalt.

Traffic Patterns XD 3

Step Three
The prepared area is covered with a layer of aggregate-reinforced thermoplastic which is then melted onto the asphalt surface.

Traffic Patterns XD 4

Step Four
The applied thermoplastic is sanded and re-imprinted to create the realistic brick-look with a safe, skid-resistant surface.

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