DuraTherm® has been designed to provide high-visibility crosswalk, intersection and handicap zone treatments for heavy traffic areas. DuraTherm® is an inlaid thermoplastic product with exceptional durability, color and pattern selection. Once installed, DuraTherm® is intended to last until the asphalt is replaced. Many communities find this product gives them the ability to beautify their functional areas without risking heavy maintenance costs or the need to re-apply the treatment each year.

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DuraTherm® Installation Process

DuraTherm® provides minimal traffic disruption with its 90-minute-per-lane installation time.

DuraTherm 1

Step One
The asphalt base is warmed using a patented pavement heating system. The system is designed to ensure that the pavement is not damaged by burning or scorching.

DuraTherm 2

Step Two
The special, hard plastic DuraTherm® templates are pressed into the warm asphalt to create the pattern.

DuraTherm 3

Step Three
Pre-cut DuraTherm® thermoplastic grids are laid in the template impressions.

DuraTherm 4

Step Four
The thermoplastic design is melted into place providing a decorative surface that will stand up to years of traffic.

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