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Are you a homeowner or business in need of the best paving contractors in the area? Look no further than Pavement Impressions Inc.. We are a reliable paving contractor who focuses on decorative and functional asphalt paving in and around the PA, NJ, DE, and MD areas. Read more below to learn about the uses and benefits of decorative asphalt pavement.

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Stand Out

Make your next project stand out with alternate paving solutions. Pavement Impressions Inc. has a variety of decorative pavement options suitable for your specific needs. Decorative asphalt allows you to obtain the look and feel of upscale traditional paving materials such as brick or stone pavers or stamped concrete without the corresponding cost, maintenance, durability and safety issues.

Pavement Impressions brings extensive technical knowledge to each project – providing commercial , government and residential clients with the right product for each application, climate and traffic situation. We have the technical and installation expertise to successfully complete your project using treatments such as an asphalt coating, an aggregate reinforced thermoplastic or a thermoplastic inlay.

Pavement Impressions can

Commercial & Government Applications

Decorative asphalt provides many advantages essential to the commercial and government marketplaces. This enhanced paving method provides significant usage flexibility allowing for improved safety, the beautification of urban and downtown streetscapes, enhanced traffic calming effects, the branding of outdoor areas with graphic designs and enriched quality of life spaces. Explore how this alternative can be applied to:

Residential Asphalt Paving

Decorative asphalt can be used to give a residential neighborhood or individual home a unique and elegant appearance. In the residential market, imprinted and coated asphalt can be used for:

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While providing the look and feel of traditional (and expensive) paving solutions, coated and imprinted asphalt holds many advantages over paver blocks or stamped concrete. The coated asphalt is a waterproof continuous surface that flexes with changing weather, keeping neighborhood driveways, sidewalks, crosswalks and walkways safe, smooth and maintenance-free. With unlimited design and color choices, developing a signature look for a residential community or a unique curb appearance for a home is easy and – best of all – quick to install.

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